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"Outcome-Driven Dynamic Refugee Assignment with Allocation Balancing," Operations Research (Forthcoming, 2024) (with E. Paulson).​

  • Conference version appeared in the 23rd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC '22).

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"Algorithmic Decision-Making, Fairness, and the Distribution of Impact: Application to Refugee Matching in Sweden" (with L. Martén).

"Leveraging the Power of Place: A Data-Driven Decision Helper to Improve the Location Decisions of Economic Immigrants" (with J. Ferwerda, N. Adams-Cohen, J. Fei, D. Lawrence, J. Weinstein, and J. Hainmueller).



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  • Statistical software: ccmEstimator R package (with X. Wu), available on CRAN, GitHub

"Effect Heterogeneity and the Challenges of Causal Attribution in Regression Discontinuity Designs" (with T. Nowacki).


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